What Happens When a High School Opens Its Own Manufacturing Company??

Over the course of just three years,Owl Manufacturing,a manufacturing company staffed and run by Seymour High School (SHS) students in Seymour,Ind.,has grown from 9 to 42 staff members -- with even more expansion planned for the fall.In a conversation with students,teachers,administrators and industry partners,we take a comprehensive look at how SHS's Owl Manufacturing is inspiring the next generation of manufacturers and preparing students for bright futures.* Photo courtesy of Owl Manufacturing/Seymour High School

A Competitive Skier Finds His Stride in Manufacturing the Ski Poles of His Dreams

Andy Liebner couldn't find ski poles that could keep up with his performance as a professional athlete,but he knew that it was possible to make the poles right and make them in America.So,he made his own and founded the United States Ski Pole Company.Here's how Liebner went from backcountry to manufacturing and why ski poles just might be the most important ski equipment you can buy.* Photo courtesy of Andy Liebner;photo by German Madrazo

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Why the Stars of HGTV's Home Town Keep It Made in America

Ben and Erin Napier,the stars of HGTV's hit show Home Town,are passionate about revitalizing America's manufacturing and small towns.Thus,when it came time to find a means of producing their furniture lines,Laurel Mercantile Co.Home and Scotsman Co.American Heritage,on a national scale they turned to the legendary Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Co.of Galax,Va.Listen in for why the Napiers sought Vaughan-Bassett out and what American manufacturing means to them.* Photo courtesy of Laurel Mercantile Co.and Vaughan-Bassett Media

An Update On Your Favorite Maker Episode in 2018

Since we featured THIS NIGHT in early 2018,the Reading,Pa.,knitting mill that manufactured the company's socks closed,leaving THIS NIGHT owner and designer Kate Williamson devastated but as determined as ever to keep her products made in America.In this re-airing of Scott Paul's interview with Williamson,we share an update on THIS NIGHT since the recording.* Photo courtesy of THIS NIGHT.

How a Hiking Habit Became a Booming Business

When Chris McMaster had the opportunity to make his hiking habit a profitable business by purchasing ULA,a small Utah business that made hiking backpacks,he jumped at the opportunity though he knew nothing of the production process other than that ULA backpacks were truly excellent.Several years later,McMaster has expanded the business and sells ULA's products internationally -- all while keeping the company's manufacturing in Utah,earning it a place in the 188bet安卓Alliance for American Manufacturing's 2018 Made in America Holiday Gift Guide.Here's how McMaster did it.*Photo courtesy of ULA.