These Companies Are Preserving Made in America Artisan Traditions for the Next Generation

The latest gadget or tech toy may get splashy headlines in the news,particularly around the holidays,but it's the goods that are lovingly handcrafted that remain in our memories and are passed down from generation to generation.In this episode,host Scott Paul speaks with the owners of two companies featured in the 188bet安卓Alliance for American Manufacturing's 2018 Made in America Holiday Gift Guide,holiday ornament maker Hampshire Pewter,based in Somersworth,N.H.,and wooden block maker Uncle Goose,based in Grand Rapids,Mich.,to discuss how they came to master their crafts and how they've adapted decades-old production processes for today.* Photo courtesy of Hampshire Pewter

Gearing Up For Holiday Shopping?Here Are Our Top Gift Picks!!

With nearly 100 great options on the 188bet安卓Alliance for American Manufacturing's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide,there's a present for everyone on your list!Nonetheless,we thought we'd make this hectic shopping season even easier by highlighting top gift picks from Team AAM and some very special guests to the podcast.

From Astrophysics to Manufacturing,One Woman's Journey

Alice Globus began her career in astrophysics,then went on to work on Wall Street,and now leads Winky&Dutch,a jewelry and accessories manufacturing company in upstate New York.Learn what brought Globus to the factory and how she has applied her knowledge and experience in the new endeavor.

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Has President Trump Kept His NAFTA Promises??

President Donald Trump made revising the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) a key campaign promise,but has he fulfilled it with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)?In this episode,host Scott Paul and the 188bet安卓Alliance for American Manufacturing's Scott Boos discuss who will benefit from the USMCA and what happens next for the trade deal.* Photo courtesy of The White House

The True Story Behind ‘Sweat',Broadway's Award-Winning Working Class Play

Trade talks are still underway in D.C.and the halls of power around the world,but The Public Theater is bringing manufacturing and trade debates to the people most impacted by trade action -- the communities of industrial America. On Sept.24,New York City's Public Theater launches its fall tour of the award-winning play"Sweat"through industrial cities of the Midwest and other locations to prompt local discussion ahead of the mid-term elections.In this episode,host Scott Paul,Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage and one of the inspirations of her work,Dean Showers,discuss the true story behind Nottage's award-winning play,"Sweat".*Photo courtesy of The Public Theater.| Joan Marcus