Duluth Pack Has Made in America Quality in the Bag

Constantly on the road for work,Tom Sega developed an appreciation for Duluth Pack bags.In fact,he liked them so much he bought the company.Hear how Sega has taken Duluth Pack,founded in 1882,into a new era of manufacturing while staying true to the company's commitment to Made in America quality.* Photo courtesy of Duluth Pack;photo by Grace Adams

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As the mill in Coatesville,Pa.,begins its recovery thanks to Section 232 trade action,so too is the city beginning a new era of revitalization.A year after tariffs on imported steel have been in place,Scott Paul discusses how recent trade action has impacted Coatesville's community with steelworkers Fred Grumbine and Vonie Long at the National Iron & Steel Museum.* Special thanks to the National Iron & Steel Museum and Little Chef for hosting the podcast during this recording.

Liberty Tabletop Set the Table for Success,Now It's Enjoying Its Just Desserts

America's only flatware manufacturer,Liberty Tabletop,celebrated its best year yet in 2018.However,as the company continues to grow,an ever-evolving trade environment could hold promise or peril for the company and other manufacturers.Find out what Liberty Tabletop's Co-founder and CEO,Greg Owens,forecasts for the future of manufacturing following a week spent talking trade on Capitol Hill.*Photo courtesy of Liberty Tabletop;photo by Jim Demorast

Can This Startup Cure America's Fast Fashion Epidemic??

Rather than join yet another tech startup,Tuckerman & Co.co-founders and Yale business school graduates Jonas Clark and Amanda Rinderle set out to actualize an even greater venture -- curing the fast fashion epidemic.With the help of a historic dress shirt factory in Fall River,Mass.,Clark and Rinderle are well on their way to revolutionizing the way clothing is manufactured,producing a classic dress shirt for men and women made of 100 percent organic cotton.*Photo courtesy of Tuckerman & Co.;photo by Stephen Faust

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Teen CEO Takes Made in N.Y.Body Products From Farmers' Markets to Target Shelves

Teen CEO Zandra Cunningham of Zandra Beauty began her business at only 9 years old but has steadily found her footing as a maker and business mogul ever since.Find out how Cunningham grew her company and her advice for other young makers.* Photo courtesy of Zandra Beauty;photo by William Charls

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