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The WeatherTech ad,duh.

Big news outta Atlanta: They had a Super Bowl and the New England Patriots won,again.

Maybe you tuned in for the defensive gamesmanship,but come on: I know you didn't.You weren't at that Super Bowl party to watchBill Belichickraise another trophy.You were there for the food …

… and the commercials.That's whatItuned in for,at least.But not one of those weird,creepy ones,like that adfrom Turbo Tax.I really focused in on this one from Kia.

But there's a problem with it!Read the fine print:

"This Thing we assembled,"as this sleepy-sounding kid in the Kia ad intones,isn'tbad,but a fully American-made product would be even better.Like those from WeatherTech:

WeatherTech isn't putting together a full automobile – but those car mats are made in America.Outside of Chicago.很酷的地方!Good use of dogs.

Good commercials this year!Good Super Bowl!!