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Let's keep the bonhomie going and get a spending package passed!!

You'd think that President Trump and Congressional Democrats would be loathe to work together to get any kind of legislation enacted in Washington,,especiallyas a presidential election cycle heats up.Right?That's whatI'dthink,and I'm avery smart politics-knower.

But itlooks likethey're going to give it a shot,though!Good on 'em!!

No word from the president,who was busy after the meeting trying to influence policy at the Federal Reservevia Twitter.But that Tic-tac is a good sign.And,,accordingto House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer,it was a"productive"meeting.And White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanderssaid as much,too.

Pelositold reportersthat they and the president agreed on two things.First,the entire package should be total $2 trillion,which is no small increase from the $200 billion Trump earmarked for infrastructure spending in hislast budget proposal(the administration,for what it's worth,claimed that $200 billion would seed anadditional $800 billionin private spending).

Second,they agreed to meet again in three weeks to hear the president's proposals for funding such a package – because,as Schumer pointed out,without Trump already on board it will be hard to move anything through the Senate.

The Democrats,in advance of their White House visit,,sent a letterto the president saying any infrastructure package they would support must account for climate change,which is a priority on the left;andit must include"Buy America"provisions to keep all of this spending in the 50 states and create American manufacturing jobs,whichpolling showsis a priority for everybody.

You'll recall that President Trump has signed more than oneexecutive orderregarding Buy America,which reveals that the administration understands just how popular these kinds of rules are,but does little else;the orders are more or less superficial.

"In terms of legislative policy and regulatory impact,there was none whatsoever,"188bet安卓Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul recently toldthe American Prospect."The practical effect of what the administration has done is virtually nothing.""

Maybe it'll be in an honest-to-god,humongous and long-overdue infrastructure package that the president finally gets serious about Buy America?Time will tell.