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In 1896,England native Joseph Lodge opened his first foundry in South Pittsburg,Tenn.,一个3岁的小镇,000 residents located alongside the Cumberland Plateau of the Appalachian Mountains.

Lodge chose the small town to begin his business of manufacturing cast iron cookware.It was a family business,在一个家庭小镇。

It's now been 123 years,美国最大的铸铁炊具公司仍然在这个家族城市生产高品质的烹饪产品。这个小镇的一切都是关于家庭的,家庭也是。Lodge Cast Iron.

洛奇的家族今天仍在经营这项业务,making cast iron skillets,Dutch ovens,以及各种炊具和装饰用品。the family is committed to be the financial engine of this small Tennessee burg.

"家庭所有制一直致力于在这里保住工作,so they've always tried their best to keep workers employed and reinvest in technology or product innovation and we've been able to stay relevant in the marketplace,"said Lodge Cast Iron public relations manager Mark Kelly.

"很多公司自称是家族环境公司,但这才是真正的交易。任何在这里工作的人都可以告诉你许多关于这个概念如何不仅影响到他们的故事,but their family members.""

A Product That Lasts a Lifetime

Many Americans have memories of a black,heavy skillet sitting on their family's stove top.一个小屋的平底锅要花2.5个小时来制造,而且要用一生。铸铁平底锅只会随着时间的推移而变得更好。

"成功的关键是一直用它做饭,"Kelly said."你用它煮的越多,情况会越好,unlike a lot of products.""

Lodge销售140多种商品,including a wide variety of skillets of different shapes and sizes.Lodge还提供一系列小型服务器。

"首先,铸铁锅保持了很好的保温性和热一致性,and if it is seasoned properly...它基本上会永远存在,"Kelly said."That's one of the reasons it is so highly valued.你用它煮的越多,the better it prepares food.""

凯利继续说:“You can use it on the stovetop,在炉子里,in the outdoors.It's a multi-purpose cookware and with one exception,那是精致的酱汁,你可以用无数种烹饪技巧准备任何你想做的东西。”"

秘诀就在调味料里——我们不谈论盐,pepper and spices.

"It's an age-old process,回到今天,你可以把猪油或脂肪放在新的平底锅上,然后在很高的温度下烘烤,"Kelly said."In 2002,we began foundry seasoning,我们使用的是大豆油,我们把它喷在高温下烘焙,然后开始加工。当你在家里调酒时在我们的过程之后,it's baked at a very high temperature and ready to use right away.

"当你用它做饭时,the better what we call the easy release is enhanced.How that happens is anything you cook,无论是蔬菜、油还是肉,或是任何能散发出油的东西。油变成了碳颗粒,增强了调味料,and everything moves on from there. The more you cook with it,产生的碳颗粒越多,这就容易释放出不粘的过程。”"

Consumers purchase many different items that require a maximum of care.但是,这些受人喜爱的产品中有没有一种能持续100多年,随着时间的推移而变得更好呢??


"A friend of mine went to the University of Virginia back in the ‘70s,and she's a tiny person,一天下午,她从教室里回来,她的纽约室友正要把她的铸铁平底锅放进洗碗机,"Kelly said."She pushed her up against the wall and said,如果你再碰我的铸铁炊具,我会杀了你的。”

"It has that lifetime.我有我祖母的平底锅和荷兰烤炉,那是101年前的结婚礼物,and some other items that are 80 or 90 years old.""

Lodge Cast Iron products are a mixture of pig iron — which is the original smelted iron — recycled stamped steel and recycled castings and cookware that does not pass quality control. There are also some alloys added in the mix.

"We have a very specific formula for the cookware,"Kelly said."We are a grey iron foundry and the cookware doesn't turn black until it seasons.这取决于你用什么油或脂肪来调味。一旦温度升高,it turns black.""

洛奇铸铁在2点熔化金属,800 degrees fahrenheit,and then it is deposited into a pouring mechanism.It is poured into the same case molds at 2,500 degrees.砂箱模具由砂制成,粘土和水。

"There is a steel impression tooling much like PlayDoh,"Kelly said."It's much like that.该工具从前块产生印痕,当它上升时,在另一块上产生印痕,金属在2点钟再次倒入,500 degrees.

"它通过传送带,在几百英尺后,它在那座沙堡里掉了大约六英寸,模具裂开了,从那里开始,整个过程是干净的。Then it's on to seasoning and packing.

"It's about a 2 ½ hour process from the minute the iron is poured into the mold to completion and seasoning.It is then shipped to 3,000 dealers in the states and to distributors in over 80 countries.""

More Than a Century of Success

洛奇铸铁曾经历过艰难困苦的时代,but that family-values ethic always seemed to pull the company through.最初的铸造厂在1910年被烧毁,but just three months later and a few blocks south,the company was up and running again.

During the Great Depression days of the 1930s,the Lodge family found ways to keep employees working by manufacturing novelty items such as doorstops in the shape of animals and garden gnomes. Other employees were kept on doing maintenance work. Cookware wasn't selling during those tough times,but the Lodge family kept the furnaces burning and the paychecks issued.

随着经济反弹,in 1950 Lodge converted its foundry from a hand-poured operation to an automated molding process to keep up with rising demand for its products. In 1992,Lodge Cast Iron replaced its coal-fired cupola furnaces with an electro-magnetic induction melting system.



""Williams Sonoma多年来一直是我们的大经销商,and we've been fortunate because American manufacturing is highly revered around the world,"Kelly said."我们在中国的业务增长主要是因为中国的富人不买任何中国制造的东西。They know quality and they want American-made.""

Lodge Cast Iron currently employs 480 people and continues to grow.

"When I got here 14 years ago,we had 185 employees,"Kelly said."Even with all the growth we have to work to maintain the family atmosphere all the time.It wouldn't have happened in Chattanooga because of the cost of operating.但你知道,we are in a town of 3,000 people,社区与我们紧密相连。”"